Friday, August 30, 2013

Episode 28: Some Just Deserts for an Unjust Bigot

BB Goddess Julie Chen has classily slammed Aaryn right into her place. All those who are talking ill of Julie (ehem, Aaryn's family) can zip your lips and take a seat. Ms. Chen stuck to the facts, remained VERY respectful throughout the whole thing, even shaking her hand at the beginning and end of the interview. Lets be honest people, Julie had every right to just body slam Aaryn into the booing audience who would have fiercer words to say. But nope, Julie remained calm and gave Aaryn the chance to defend herself on live TV. Instead, AARYN is the one that made it worse for herself, pretty much blaming all of Texas for her behavior. We will touch on this a little later on, but for now, I cannot understand the audacity of some people to put down Ms. Chen, when even she was hurt by Aaryn's comments. Do you watch the show? Did you read the news? Aaryn's comments were so bad they even made Howard cry. This girl deserved the boos and deserved the questioning...

Anyways, one villain is out the door, another has been wrecking havoc on the house and a new alliance has been formed to take down the not-so-power duo McCranda. Welcome back to Blog Big Brother where like the audience on Thursday's eviction show, we cheer, we boo, we laugh, but most importantly we let the houseguests have it!

To quickly recap Thursday's episode, before we get to the character breakdowns, we saw the emergence of the "Exterminators," Aaryn fight for her life, another live Twitter vote, and the input of BB Legends Dan Gheesling, Brenchel, Dominele & JeJo. Here's what each had to say:


The talk of the night revolves around Amanda, of course. Dan says that although she's hard to watch, he has to give her credit because she's one of the only ones in there playing the game. However, what you see is what you get with Amanda. She is unable to "successfully control her emotions" because who she is in the house is who she is out of the house; she's playing a like brat. Dan then reflects on his game and says he NEVER personally attacked someone in the house to embarrass them, it was always a strategic/game stance attack. Needless to say, a lot of these people won't be friends afterwards.

Dan is rooting for Judd to win and says he's playing a great game. Personally, I think he's playing a "clueless" game, where he doesn't really know whats going on. However, he's such an great person and so likable that everything is falling into place. Judd's no mastermind but he may have what it takes to advance to the finale.


Rachel pretty much mentions that her and Brendon were the first BB wedding and now they are living happily ever after. I saw Elissa on Brenchel's wedding, when it aired, so when I found out she was going into the house, I actually didn't like her at all. Elissa and her mom seemed like they tried to upstage Rachel at her own wedding, but it was just for TV. Brenchel is rooting for Elissa, obvi! We might see some BB Brenchel babies in the future! Hopefully they don't have Rachel's laugh...


The flirtmance that turned into a romance! Dani & Dom seem extremely happy together, which is awesome. Daniele says that having a showmance is detrimental in the game, yet McCranda just seems to slide by. Well it won't be happening any longer, that's for sure.


Jeff & Jordan are America's BB sweethearts. We got to see their relationship "envolve" in the house and now, according to Jordan, Jeff just has to put a ring on it! Then, as JeJo is saying McCranda is an odd couple and Amanda wears the pants, we got to see Amanda totally mouth rape McCrae. It was disturbing, but funny.

Alright, now it's time for character breakdowns! Aaryn is out the door, so that means we only have 7 housemates to analyze tonight! Now because Julie is a mega boss, instead of points, we'll be giving away Chenbot Tokens! The more Chenbot Tokens you have, the better you preform in our power rankings!


Amanda: the Arrogant, Man-eating, Authoritative, Narcissistic, Demanding A-hole (-5 Chenbot Tokens). This week we saw an even dirtier side to Amanda… as if we hadn't seen enough already. Amanda attacked not only Elissa, but her Husband (calling him Elissa's Sugar Daddy) and her kids (saying Elissa doesn't love her step-child). She has officially sunk to a new low (-10 Chenbot Tokens). Also, you supposedly lost Andy as an ally (-10 Chenbot Tokens). Personal reasons have been at the root of your strategic ones all along and now they are finally catching up to you. You KNOW Andy doesn't like to make moves and that Aaryn can pull HOHs out of her bellybutton. Unfortunately, keeping Aaryn was the wrong choice for you, but the right choice for America, so thank you (+5 Chenbot Tokens). Also, last night on the feeds, it was flippen annoying that you were complaining that the show is building you as a bully. There is a live feed! We know the truth Amanda, you're no bully. You're worse (-15 Chenbot Tokens).

Total Chenbot Tokens: -35


You're coming around Andy! Although it may be because now you said you're against Amanda & McCrae (+10 Chenbot Tokens). HOWEVER, you're still in an alliance with the whole flippen house, so until I actually see you make a move, I'm not set on you just yet. Moving into the Exterminator alliance was once again just moving into the majority, so you can say you're voting with the house again. You're in a great position right now, so next week it's time to get some blood on your hands (+10 Chenbot Tokens). I'm not going to lie though, when Amanda was bitching about Elissa and you went to walk away, Amanda pretty much just snapped her fingers and you were right back there (-10 Chenbot Tokens). If you don't agree with something, just say it. Congratulations on escaping the block with no votes (+15 points).

Total Chenbot Tokens: +25


THANK YOU! Literally everything about you was amazing this week, from your nominations to your fumbling of words when Julie asked how you and Amanda are doing. I get it, you just wanted to say Amanda's a flippen pig and I want nothing to do with her, but you kept it classy (+10 Chenbot Tokens). You got one of your targets out, so congrats (+10 Chenbot Tokens). Although Amanda tried to ruin your HOH party, everything went off without a hitch. Aaryn left the house and Amanda came out looking like a fool (+5 Chenbot Tokens). Next week you're going to have to get extra close to GM and Judd. Now with the Exterminator alliance and McCranda, you're the odd man out. However, I do believe you left your HOH having made a big move and in a better position than you were last week. Overall, good week.

Total Chenbot Tokens: +20


You're in the exterminator alliance, have showed you won't put up with Amanda's BS and dumped your BB Bunny to move yourself further in the game (+15 Chenbot Tokens).

Total Chenbot Tokens: +15


You did exactly what you said you were going to do this week. You re-entered the game with a clean slate (+10 Chenbot Tokens). Additionally, you aligned with Elissa to keep yourself safe for the week (+5 Chenbot Tokens), then formed an alliance among all the floaters/sidekicks (+5 points). You said the Exterminators are there to get out all the rats and snakes, and if that's the case, start with Andy! Unlike Brendon, James & Kaysar, you returned to the game without a target on your back (like BB3's Amy)! Awesome job (+15 Chenbot Tokens). I'm surprised BB didn't decide to show you're make-out session with Aaryn. Like Jessie, it just seemed sooooo awkward.

Total Chenbot Tokens: +35


Not that much to say about you this week McCrae. Amanda pulled you off the block, you haven't said anything really bad like Amanda, but you're guilty by association (-5 Chenbot Tokens). Unfortunately, any deals you make next week will be pointless. It's McCranda vs the rest of the house (-10 Chenbot Tokens)

Total Chenbot Tokens: -15


I'm glad that you acknowledged that you're gross because you're a flippen pig (+5 Chenbot Tokens). Both the things you say and your complete laziness are awful. You're still afraid of Amanda (-10 Chenbot Tokens). You don't want to piss her off because you don't want her coming after you, when her obvious target would be Elissa anyways. PLUS, you have the exterminators to back you up. You're EXACTLY like Adam from BB13. Honestly, I think it shows that you're not playing a game worthy of $500,000 when Julie has to congratulate you on not being nominated (-15 Chenbot Tokens).

Total Chenbot Tokens: -20


You're a good game player, I have to give you that. Winning 4 HOHs and making it to the final 8, when you should've been out week 3 or 4 is impressive. But at the end of the day, Amanda cut your strings because she didn't need you anymore. For the FIRST time in Big Brother US history, when you walked out the door you got boos. In BBUK there can be huge waves of boos and I always love seeing it. So we got a little taste of a BBUK eviction here in the states! The interview with Julie was sooooo cringe-worthy because you did so bad at answering her questions. This is pretty much how the conversation went down, in my words of course:

Julie: Unanimous. What happened to GinaMarie's vote?

Aaryn: Well, since trying to backdoor my best friend GinaMarie didn't work, I just told her that she could go with the house and vote me out. You know me Julie, always looking out for other's best interest.

Julie: (stern face) That's very big of you.

Aaryn: Haha! Oh Julie, please. You're flattering me. Thanks for that AMAZING compliment, but GM's white, so what did you honestly expect?

In the midst of Aaryn's response, Julie has a day dream of giant sugarplums and lollipops. And on top of those sugarplums and lollipops, Julie is bouncing up and down bitch slapping Aaryn. Sweet, sweet vengeance is about to be served!

Julie: Right, so pretty much everyone in the house has told you that you're a racist. Would you like to respond?

Aaryn: Actually, I'm not racist at all. You're stereotyping me for calling me racist because I live in the South. Everyone acts like that in Texas. So actually Julie, has does it feel to be stereotyping me?

Julie: Listen Bitch, you've said the following- Be careful what you say in the dark, might not be able to see the bitch, referring to Candice - Go make some rice, referring to Helen - You called Andy a queer. What do you have to say?

Aaryn: I'm sorry, but I've never said that before.

Julie: I'm about to drop these earrings and body slam you.

Aaryn: Well, I mean you took those out of context.

Julie: When everyone entered the house, you all understood you would be filmed 24/7 and it would be broadcasted to the public.

Aaryn: Well then, it's Texas's fault. That's what we do. Everything is bigger in Texas. Even our racism, it's the biggest attraction.

Julie: You have 3 seconds before I get my gun

In other news, Texas has once again seceded from the Union because they are too embarrassed that one of their convicts had escaped from prison and landed on Big Brother.

Luckily Amanda is such a Mega-B, that when you go to jury, you'll have 3 weeks to lay low and let America turn the rest of that Aaryn hate all to Amanda.

Total Chenbot Tokens: EVICTED

This HOH is called Big Hopportunity. In this week's battle for HOH, it's another BB classic. Houseguests must hop to their fence and maneuver an egg across the fence, to the other side. However, throughout the whole episode, America had a choice to punish the houseguests with the least amount of eggs, with a #BBBunny costume or a #BBChicken costume. I was all for the chicken costume because it was only fitting for some of these houseguests! BUT, we have to wait for Sunday to see who wins… or you could just read the live feed updates and find out who's nominated as well :D


After weeks of being in power, this upcoming week, I can guarantee Amanda will drop straight to the bottom. But lets be honest, she's played a good game for the first half of the summer. Thankfully that's over though!

Join the Conversation on Twitter! See what BB Alum had to say about Aaryn's eviction!


  • The HOH competition only lasted for about a half-hour
  • GinaMarie hopped to an HOH victory
  • Both Spencer & Judd are in the chicken costume:
  • The whole night Amanda was trash talking Elissa and telling GM that she was so happy she won and that she needs to nominate Elissa
  • GM just nodded her head in agreement but had other plans
  • There was a luxury competition and Spencer won $10,000. ARE YOU FLIPPEN kidding me. He's literally done nothing all summer and has won a Bahamas vacation and 10K.
  • GM has nominated McCranda for eviction
As always, check for the latest Big Brother news, that's what I do when I'm not watching the feeds on

Until next time, may Big Brother bring you a summer of laziness, spitefulness, rage and just overall happiness as it has brought me!

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  1. Is Aaryn the scapegoat?? Julie Chen gonna give the others Amanda, Ginamarie and Spencer a free pass on their racist comments??? why haven't they been aired???.. Amanda recently called a chinese worker "Chongface" why hasn't julie chen taken offense to seems on her show the talk or other media outlets she is focusing only on aaryn is a biased odd way...Jeff Schroeder caught a free pass on his gay comment and CBS hired him he was never confronted...CBS just brought back racist Colton to Survivor this upcoming season...CBS is a Hypocrite.. they can't have it both ways... why can't people see this... If Julie Chen doesn't read the other HG's racist comments on air and put them on the spot in their upcoming interviews then CBS and Julie Chen are Hypocrites.. and someone needs to call CBS out on this...Aaryn is young and was probably brought up this way she has a chance to change and I believe every one should have a second chance if they apologize which she did last night and probably will again when she gets off of BB..

    1. Julie said she would be confronting Aaryn on her comments pretty much right after she made them. The reason Aaryn has taken most of the heat for these comments is she was the first to make them and it made national headlines. Granted Amanda has said just as awful things and has bullied Elissa to an unreasonable extent, she at first was against Aaryn. When Amanda walks out that house, Julie will probably confront her on the bullying more then the racial slurs. However, if she leaves on the double eviction, we may not see much of in interview at all, due to the lack of time. I believe Aaryn got what she deserved and Julie kept it calm & classy, having every right to say what she said. As for Julie questioning Amanda & Spencer, we'll just have to wait and see. Julie's a boss, not a hypocrite.

      As for Colton... I don't think he'll last. This season is once again about redemption, but since he's on a tribe with all returning players, they won't tolerate his BS. I disagree with CBS's choice to bring him back though. But like you said, everyone should get a second chance, so this is his.

  2. I don't see hypocrisy here, but your larger point is sound. Without defending Aaryn or her comments, it does seem that Aaryn has been singled out for the sins of many--perhaps because Aaryn was so vitriolic initially, perhaps because she was seen as the ring leader. (As I don't watch the feeds, I don't know whether she was in fact the worst.)

    Still, I don't see hypocrisy on Julie Chen's part. Selective criticism is inconsistent but not hypocritical. For me, the best example of Big Brother hypocrisy this season was the letter from the winner of the fourth season, Jun Song, condemning the racism she observed and, apparently, forgetting her own racist tirades. Anent your calling CBS hypocritical, if your charges are correct, I think you've hit the nail on the head there.

    On a separate topic, one of Aaryn's statements in her exit interview really made an impression on me: her claim that she did not remember saying the things that were quoted for her. If I recall, there was some derisive laughter in response to that comment, but I believed her. For one thing, I think the comments were made nearly two months ago. For another, I don't think Aaryn truly appreciated how hurtful comment like the ones she made can be and thus did not recall them with specificity. More's the pity. I agree with you, fellow Anonymous, though, that she deserves a second chance, but that chance will have to come from within. As Julie Chen noted, there will be much time for reflection later. I do hope Aaryn takes advantage of that time and truly grows.

    1. I think saying, "oh I don't remember" was just a natural reaction, but you're definitely right that at the beginning Aaryn was singled out as the ring leader. I really do think Aaryn will grow after this and learn that her comments can be hurtful.

      So happy you brought up Jun's letter and how she decided to drop BB!! That was completely absurd.

    2. Andy,

      This is the same person to whose post you replied here, the one who brought up Jun. I should say that that post was my first, but I've read your blog more than a few times and enjoyed it, especially your scoring. I should also say that I've enjoyed your writing here. (And well done on spelling "deserts" correctly here. I think you've earned 5 Chenbot tokens for that and another 10 for keeping it correct.)

      I was surprised not to see any negative feedback for Jun's letter (though I admit I did not look especially hard) as I distinctly remember her comments and the dissatisfaction I felt when she won. That said, this season seems to me to have been far more vitriolic, especially with the firings of both Aaryn and GinaMarie, the ramifications of Spencer's statements (has anyone inspired a police investigation before on Big Brother?), and the general meanness of Amanda. As far as you're aware, have there been any real-world consequences of Amanda's statements? I can't imagine that her employer is too happy with not just her statements but her actions.

      Keep up the blog; I'm enjoying the mixture of facts, digs, and humor.


    3. Hey Phil!

      Thanks so much for reading this, it means a lot :D!! Thanks for the Chenbot Tokens too, I think I need a couple of them. I remember making one passing comment on here somewhere about how Jun has officially stopped watching the show or some BS. I think I might have made a comment either on one of her blogs, or on jokersupdates as well. Overall, I just was never really a big fan of her.

      As for the police investigation, I don't think it has ever happened before based on a comment of a houseguest. There was probably one when Justin held the knife to Krista's throat in season 2 because although I was young when it happened and didn't watch it live, I know Krista tried to sue CBS.

      This season has been completely crazy! I know Amanda's realtor page was taken down, but I don't think she was fired... or at least the employer hasn't released a statement. I also read somewhere that her employer may be her mother. Amanda's family has definitely taken the brunt of her behavior on the outside world, with threats and complaints.

      I'll try to keep the blogs up though!! Thanks so much for the comment :D

  3. I'm sorry but Aaryn does not get a pass. She was lying when she said she didn't remember. Just 20 hours earlier she was laughing in the house saying that her greatest quote of the season is when she ssid"shut up go make some rice". So she definitely remembers what she said. I believe she is truly racist and believes everyone has the same views as her. She was just ashamed of being called out on her disgusting behavior.

  4. Totally agree that Aaryn doesn't get a pass. Although she is taking the brunt of the whole house's comments, she said what she said and deserved to be outed for it. The the beginning of the show, her excuse for those comments was that everyone was being "racist" to her because she is a little blond southern barbie. Even when she is in the wrong, she tries to justify why she is right. Even with the whole wine incident, she said that the whole house was against her anyways and she had a right to drink it. I think the major thing Aaryn lacks is responsibility. However, when she leaves the house and finds out she's been fired from her modeling and talent agency, and with the help of the PR firm and her family's guidance, she will be forced to realize the truth and properly take responsibility for her actions.