Friday, May 9, 2014

Relative Insanity Cancelled?

After only a two-episode run on Friday's at 10/9c, Lifetime has removed Relative Insanity from the line-up. The Futon Critic reports that this follows a decline in numbers from it Celebrity Wife Swap lead-in. However, this does not mean the rest of the season won't finish airing or be available online.

Despite an Instagram photo advertising for Friday night's episode, a rerun of Celebrity Wife Swap aired instead.

There is no word yet on when the new reality competition will return, but the producers behind the insanity will have their hands busy with upcoming preparations for Big Brother 16.

From Fly on the Wall Entertainment, Relative Insanity follows 2 families competing for $25,000 over the course of 2 days. Families are trapped in a Big Brother-esque house, unaware of each other's progress. Before one of them walks away with the cash, families must first survive temptations, Fear Factor like challenges, and most importantly each other.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Relative Insanity Premieres Tonight Only on Lifetime

Could you survive being locked in a room for 48 hours with your family?

Well, from personal experience, I can tell you it's a lot harder than you think, especially with $25,000 on the line! But now, it's your chance to witness the drama, action and family face-offs that is Relative Insanity.

The clock has ticked down and the premiere of Lifetime's newest reality competition is finally here! At 10/9c, witness "The Southern Belles" go toe-to-toe against "The City Slickers." It'll be a battle of wit, temptation, endurance and pure mental stamina.

As both families try to earn up to $25,000, who will work together and rise to the challenge and who will fall victim to relative insanity?

From Fly on the Wall Entertainment, the producers that bring you CBS's summer smash Big Brother, Relative Insanity is a show unlike any other. For 2 days, relationships will be tested, battle lines will be drawn and America will determine who is truly the head of household.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Big Brother Producers' Newest Reality Event: Relative Insanity

"Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage" - Ray Bradbury

Fly on the Wall Entertainment, the production company behind CBS's hit summer staple Big Brother, brings you RELATIVE INSANITY! Lifetime's newest reality event pits family against family, in a 36 hour power struggle for the chance to win up to $25,000.

Each week, America will watch as new batches of families fight for power, endure physical and psychological torments and be pushed to brink of possible self-elimination. According to The Hollywood Reporter, think Big Brother meets Survivor meets Fear Factor. Checkout of the full 30 second preview below:

There will be crying, there will be panic, there will be… oh wait…

Me? Huh, I guess I'm in this show… How did that happen? You'll just have to tune in to find out!

RELATIVE INSANITY premieres Friday April 25th at 10pm on LIFETIME! You won't see me on your screens until June 13th, but it'll be worth the wait!

Will you be watching?
Relative Insanity

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Amazing Race All-Stars: 2 Hot 2 Handle

The Twinnies may be gone, but some teams have now taken the spotlight as complete hot messes. Welcome back to Blog Big Brother, where like Jen & Caroline, we use what we got to get by!

Alright, so lets flip the format of how we analyze this great show of ours! Before, we recapped the episode and then went into some character breakdowns. Welp, lets just combined the two and go into the episode's TOP 5 #AmazingMoments. We'll be looking into the top 5 moments of the episode and tell you the must-knows going into the next week!


Joey & Meghan, 10th to arrive last leg, are 8th to depart
Alright, so we start this show with just utter confusion: Teams left is a jumbled order, compared to when they arrived on the mat in the first episode. I don't know exactly how much this has happened before, but we have a few explanations: CBS editing likes to play with our minds, some teams overslept or production rearranged the team order due to technical difficulties were were unable to see in the first leg. According to some of the all-star tweets, production gave Margie & Luke and Joey & Meghan time credit due to production issues in the first leg… so YEAH, it's solved!


Casually a gardener just chilling to the side.
If there is a bush anywhere around, Rachel will find it and get in it. We know from past Big Brother experiences that Rachel has no problem shedding some tears in some shrubbery. So while on the Amazing Race, why not scout out some places to pop a squat and share some feelings. The Brenchel Motto: When in doubt, run through some bushes.


This episode we saw the Cowboys fall temptation to the Country Singers' charm… or where they really just being strategic? Okay, so this is one of the big controversial points of the episode. Caroline spent the roadblock complaining that she couldn't put together a toy car, so Jen took action and convinced Jet & Cord to handover their second express pass. Some people online are saying that Caroline and Jen are perpetuating female stereotypes, but there's two sides to this story, so lets check out em out:

Caroline & Jen: 
When they arrived at the roadblock, they were tied in last place with the Cowboys. Already they were flustered and it looked like both of them couldn't handle the roadblock. To the people who are anti-TeamCountry, I'll give it to you that Caroline was a complete baby in this situation. HOWEVER, Jen convincing the cowboys to give them the express pass was brilliant. She stated the facts, saying they will most likely be eliminated and why would the Cowboys want a weak team eliminated. Of course she used some flirting in the process, but hey, use what the good lord gave ya. Jen was strategic, and without that element Team Country would've been eliminated. Props. This is for $1 Million.

Jet & Cord:
The Cowboys no longer have to worry about the added stress of the second express pass. They saved a self-proclaimed "weaker team," don't have to help anyone else out in the future and still have their own express pass in their back pocket. Also, the heat is completely off of them, as the now the other teams are against Caroline & Jen, making Team Country a target for a possible U-Turn.


EVERYONE'S face in this still is priceless. Loving it!
Rachel: Brendon it's okay, we're not running for last!
Brendon: I know! But what if it's first!

Thank God Rachel has Brendon. As much as I love how Rachel can be a bit out there, sometimes it's necessary for Brendon to reel her back in. This is a race Rachel; beat the team in front of you! Because of those few extra steps, for the first time in 2 seasons, #Brenchel outran Margie & Luck and got their first win! Unfortunately the prize was a bit lame. For an all-stars season, I'd expect more than $2500 a person. But hey, a first is a first, even if all the teams arrived at once and they prize was questionable. Congratulations!!


NOOOOO! Let me just say that again… NOOOOOOO!! Mark & Mallory were quite possibly my favorite team on the race, and it sucks to see them go. But after Mallory's backpack mistake and Mark's behavior, I'm really not surprised. Following the roadblock, which Mark DOMINATED in, being the first to finish out of any other team, everything went downhill. 

Mallory forgot Mark's backpack, which is mostly her fault. Mark had the car, she had the backpacks. Mark should've double checked because it is his, but he gave Mallory that responsibility. One strike against Mallory.

However, this is where the BIG MISTAKE comes up. When Mark realizes he doesn't have his backpack, he goes into his own zone, refusing to go on without it. Now, Mallory has Mark's passport, so it is 100% an option to just drop the bag and keep racing. It's been done before in many seasons and it SHOULD'VE been done again. In a race for $1 Million, you have to make sacrifices.

Mallory tried to push through and convince Mark to keep racing, which is 100% what I would've done. When you make a mistake, you pick up and move on. In race, you can't afford to go back and fix them. I really didn't appreciate Mark's behavior, calling Mallory out for not being a true person from Kentucky. Mallory was in it to win and it seemed once Bopper got the axe, Mark checked out as well.

The two were great to watch and it's a shame they won't be on our television anymore, but we still have a solid 9 teams remaining. BRING IT ON!

As always, you can follow me on Twitter @ChubsMcGrubbs I tweet nonsense, so if you don't I'll try survive! It may be a struggle, but I'll try to push through.

Until next time, eat a bunch, drink a bunch, and sleep a bunch. It's okay, you'll burn it all off watching and reading about the Amazing Race. It's like the transitive property of exercise. If we watch and read about people racing, then by the transitive property, we are doing the same. It's just a thing, don't question it.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

SURVIVOR: Cagayan Premiere- Brainless vs Brawn vs Beauty

Here we go again! SURVIVOR's 28th season has started off with a bang, delivering 2 blindsides, an extensive list of unique characters, a bucket load of drama and deservingly so, solid ratings. So as we head back to the Philippines for another season of SURVIVOR, throw on your thinking cap, pucker up those lips and hit the gym… NO, I'm kidding. Don't hit the gym. This is obviously more important.

This season, the cast was divided into 3 tribes: Luzon (The Brains), Aparri (The Brawn) and Solana (The Beauty). Essentially, we already have 3 different games being played. The Brains are a hot mess, The Brawns are already divided between Cliff-lovers and anti Cliff-lovers, and the Beauties are just doing their thing. BUT, the ultimate question is which of these traits will get you to that $1 million at the end of this game? That's what us at Blog Big Brother are here to answer!

Lets take a look back at the double episode premiere that the SURVIVOR Gods so graciously blessed us with and discuss each tribe's failures and triumphs. And let me tell you, there were a lot of each!


Where to begin with you guys, geesh! Thankfully there's some structure to this show because you guys were just all over the place. Lets just go ahead and start off with who this tribe selected as their leader: David. Alright, fair enough. He looks smart, so why not have the smartest looking person represent the brain tribe. Cool. But lets be perfectly honest here, David is not the smartest person on the tribe.

As the weakest player, David chooses Garrett (-20 points). Mmk David. I'm glad you openly call the one and only jacked player on your tribe the weakest. Many times in SURVIVOR, there's a challenge right with the teams land on the beach. Wouldn't you want a strong player for a possible challenge? I would definitely say yes. However, his reasoning was so good that it was awful. At first glance, looking forward in the game Garrett is a major threat. He's attractive and fit, yet he's put on the brains tribe. That's a triple threat, which is something you have to worry about LATER ON! The first day is not about making waves and showing all your cards; it's about building relationships and kicking ass in challenges. David just used that brain a little too much to make a wrong move right off the bat (-20 points).

Garrett, rightfully so, is pissed. Therefore when he gets back to camp before his tribe, he chooses to look for the hidden immunity idol. Solid choice (+10 points). Then on top of that, he finds the hidden immunity idol (+50). Minutes into the game, Garrett puts himself in a great position… well thats how it would seem.

Alright, so we get to see J'Tia being literally the worst at delegating tasks, designing a solid shelter and befriending people (-30 points). When people don't know you, pissing them off day 1 is probably the worst thing you can do in a social game like this. Fine job you're doing there J'Tia. We'll just say sleeping in a mess of a shelter is the reason your tribe lost the immunity challenge because you guys seriously need some excuse for that.

Lets just keep this simple:
  1. Garrett was awful at pulling the cart and unchaining the chests (-10 points)
  2. J'Tia's shouting was just very much unnecessary (-5 points)
  3. No one could put a chest through a wall and then wheel the cart past the last obstacle (-5 points each)

Unsurprisingly the Brains came back with the puzzle and won the… oh wait, that didn't happen. The puzzle was a disaster as well, woops.

Luzon gets the honor of going to the first tribal council! On behalf of Luzon, I'd like to thank the Academy of SURVIVOR, Jeff Probst for saying it how it is and Aparri and Solana for letting them have this. You guys rock!

Mmk, so who goes home? We're down to two options: the abrasive J'Tia or the weasel David. David ultimately gets the boot and become the first castoff voted out of SURVIVOR: Cagayan (-100 points).

Back at camp the next day Garrett sinks to my automatic least favorite player this season. Lets just take a look why:

"I'm not having fun playing SURVIVOR… manual labor isn't fun. Starving isn't fun. Like it's not like a cool adventure for me. When I'm playing poker I'm sitting in a comfortable chair. Chicken and vegetables are being brought to me like right at the table… I don't want to play SURVIVOR to survivor in the wilderness"

Shut up Garrett. -100 points, that is all.

All of a sudden though, with David out Kass is put in a major power play position. There are 2 duos left in Luzon: Tasha & J'Tia and Garrett & Spencer. Kass essentially lost her duo (David) and now each side is scrambling to pull her in (+50 points).

In the immunity challenge, the Brains actually dominate the water challenge, despite J'Tia being the slowest swimmer out of everyone (-10 points). However, when the reach the puzzle, J'Tia BOMBS it! No joke. She drops a nuke on their chances of winning (-50 points). That could even be an understatement.

Expectedly, the Brains drop the ball and are headed right back to tribal council. BUT FIRST (as our lovely Big Brother host Julie Chen would say), we have to get there before we can vote someone else.

At camp Garrett puts his foot in his mouth and votes for everyone to stay together so there's no scheming. Ah, last time I checked you wanted to wanted to play SURVIVOR without having to survive. Now you don't even want to play (-50 points). Thankfully Tasha tells you to STFU (+40 points).

Alright, so because Garrett pretty much just tells J'Tia she's going home, J'Tia dumps all of their rice in the fire! She's going crazy people, she means business. From a social standpoint that was downright stupid because she could still work Kass's vote, but from a viewer's standpoint, it was phenomenal! So thank you J'Tia.

At tribal Garrett ONCE AGAIN is a complete moron and outs Kass, THE SWING VOTE, on wanting to work with him and Spencer (-50 points). I'm really surprised you didn't actually vote for yourself, I feel like there was a chance of that happening.

Therefore, Kass is left with 2 options: Vote with Garrett & Spencer, be #3 and keep "strength in the tribe. Or, she could vote with J'Tia and Tasha, be #2 with Tasha and get rid of the most moronic player in SURVIVOR history. Lets just say she chooses right (+50 points) and Garrett becomes the 2nd person voted out of SURVIVOR: Cagayan (-100 points)


Whatever brains Luzon has seems to loss, Aparri has picked it up and then some. In the first moments of the game, Aparri named Sarah as the leader. Looking further into the game, this was 100% the best decision they could've made. Although there was no real duty of the leader, Sarah is a solid, natural leader (+10 points). 

Sarah names Trish as the weakest, which is completely understandable. Trish actually took it quite well and when she returned to camp took a second bag of rice over a clue to the hidden immunity idol (-20 points). Here's the thing Trish. I get you're nice and that's great, but when you openly admit that you understand the tribe thinks your the weakest, why on earth would you go with the rice? Now you don't have a target on your back, which is great. But that happiness with the extra bag of rice will only be short-lived.

The Brawns then get off to a solid start with their shelter and Cliff Robinson… wait, Cliff Robinson? The former NBA player! Oh, alright, well I guess that's happening this season. Cliff's huge, he's friendly and overall he's an asset (+20 points). Plus, no one is targeting him off the bat just because he's a former athlete (+10 points). Unfortunately it just wasn't the same for Jimmy Johnson in Nicaragua.

To be fair, Jimmy Johnson would not have performed as well in the immunity challenge, in which Aparri placed 1st in the brawn part of the challenge, but fell behind in the puzzle section and ultimately came in 2nd. 2nd is still immunity though, and 1 person closer to $1 million.

Day 4 rolls around and Tony starting noticing all the Cliff love out there. Out of everyone on the tribe, Tony is the most aware of his surroundings, and not just because of Cliff. He creates the first ever SURVIVOR #SpyShack where he can eaves drop on his fellow tribe mates in the shelter (+10 points). Plus, following the immunity challenge, he finds a clue to the hidden immunity idol (+10 points) and then finds the idol (+50 points).

Trish pulls an attitude with Lindsey (a Cliff-lover) for not pulling her weight at camp, to which Lindsey confront her. Arguments already, I'm a fan! Trish is isolating herself from a large portion of the tribe right now (-15 points), however, Tony shares similar feelings on the Cliff-lovers. AND Tony has a hidden immunity idol. We could just see one being used the first time the Brawns head to tribal.

In the immunity challenge, the Brawns stay in the middle of the pack, however Sarah dominates the puzzle and leads her tribe to another immunity (+30 points)


In the opening sequence, Solana names LJ as the leader. Fair choice. He then names Morgan as the weakest link of the tribe. HA! Morgan may just be one of the most flippen gorgeous people ever, but LJ could see through that (+10 points). He trusts "cute" (Alexis & Alexis) over "hot" (Morgan). Solid SURVIVOR 101 right there. Just look at Parvati Shallow, one of the best players to play the game. She's hot, but she's ruthless.

Back at camp, Morgan undoubtably chooses to search for the hidden immunity idol instead of the second basket of rice. However, she's unable to find it before the tribe arrives at camp. When they came back it was that "welp, you're screwed" moment for Morgan, but HEY, guess what? She's a lot smarter than she looks. She is able to play off picking basic necessities (ie the shoes, rice and machete) that were already given as something she chose, instead of luxuries (+30 points). Brice definitely fell for it, but LJ is on to her.

In the immunity challenge, the Beauties used their brains and brawn to work harmoniously to a 1st place finish! Specifically. LJ dominated the puzzle and was able to pass The Brawns to secure 1st place (+15 points)

Heading into Day 4 of Cagayan, Brice is stepping up his game, essentially facilitating an alliance between him, Morgan and Spencer (+15 points). Hands down, I can see Brice & Morgan using Spencer to take down the rest of the tribe. They're smart, but so LJ. It'll be interesting to see their first tribal council and see where votes fall.

In the immunity challenge, the Beauties struggle to carry crates from the water to the beach, however, J'Tia's poor attempt in the puzzle gives LJ the chance to pull out a victory (+20 points)

THAT'S ALL WE HAVE FOR YOU FOLKS! If you made it through this long post, you did good! Check out the standings below:

Welp, the Brains tribe is just plain awful. However, with 2/3 of the problem castaways kicked out of the game, they may just have a chance in the coming weeks!

As a side note, did anyone realize that going into the second episode we are already down to 16 players. Most seasons start with 18 or 20 castaways and only 1 elimination is aired. We got a double dose last night and going into week 2, we're already at 16. Could there be another outcast twist like in the Pearl Islands, or does SURVIVOR have something else planned up their sleeve? We'll just have to wait and find out!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Amazing Race 24 Premiere: All-Star Drama, Action and Competition

The world is waiting for us… again!

Good luck (reading my awful grammar).

Read Safe.

And… Oh wait, my economics professor said something important, I should probably write it down… okay, got it. Lets just start again.

Good luck.

Read Safe!

Oh… nope. Hold up again. We have some business to take care of before we launch this new post. Last night, for the first time in Amazing Race history, an all-star duo didn't even make it past the starting line!

Prior to the start of the race, Bopper Minton was cut from the all-star lineup due to an inflamed pancreas! Say it ain't so! I've been reading about this for weeks and just didn't want to believe it. Team Kentucky is a great asset to the show, so Bopper's presence will be missed! All the emotions were had during his early departure, HOWEVER (notice the exciting all caps there), Phil doesn't waist shaking up the game once again.

Mallory Ervin, from seasons 17 & 18, joins the race to replace Bopper and team up with Mark. If you ask me, I couldn't be more ecstatic! Mallory was a ball of southern energy on her two seasons and to see her again is amazing! We see she just hasn't changed. GOOD! With a few tweaks, #TeamKentucky is still in the building and we can finally begin!

Good luck!

Read Safe!


AHH!!!! TYPE FAST! READ FAST! No I'm kidding, I'm not about that life. I just get distracted so easily! So since this is our first blog post for the Amazing Race, lets give a breakdown of what to expect. We'll run through the leg with a quick summary and then go more into detail with team descriptions after. Who knows, we might get more fancy or change things up a bit as the show progresses, but lets stick to our guns for the time being and march onward! (excuse my bad pun)

We find our 11 all-star teams kicking off the race with the UCLA marching band. We begin with teams racing to find the Chinese symbol of Guangzhou, the name of their first destination, among the UCLA marching band members. Can I just say how lucky this marching band is that they get to be on the season premiere of the Amazing Race! Like come on now, what does a guy have to do over here in Boston to get on the Amazing Race in anyway shape or form. I can play the triangle and maybe channel my inner 3rd grade-self and play hot cross buns on the recorded. That's some #Talent right there if you ask me. Whenever you're ready CBS, give me a call.

Anyways, Leo & Jamal, Jet & Cord, Dave & Connor and Natalie & Nadiya all spot their band geeks first and earn themselves a spot on the first flight out of the country. As for Jessica & John, Mark & Mallory, Brendon & Rachel, Joey & Meghan, Margie & Luke, Caroline & Jennifer and the Globetrotters, they all were placed on the second flight.

Buckle up because we're about hit some turbulence.

Group 1 arrives in Guangzhou, China where they must search for 1 of 3 wedding boutiques. The struggle that the #Twinnies go through in this task is unbearable. To be perfectly honest, I love their bickering, but ermahgerd! They were actually in one of the stores and didn't see a clue! Get yo shit together Twinnies. Don't be searching in random closets for a bridal store. They're a self proclaimed hot mess though, so it's okay! They're running that part of the race right.

The cowboys find their clue first and head on over to the Canton Tower to ride some bubbles! At this point, America's just seeing some cowboys reenact The Wizard of Oz. They're just casually floating around town in a bubble, looking to take down some opponents and pass on the peaceful prayers of the cowboys.

The trick with the bubble carts is half of them have clues and the other half have "Try Again." Essentially, the first time in the bubble is luck, but as Rachel pointed out, all even bubbles had clues and all the odd ones did not. The power of observation and reasoning is a really strong asset in a game like this.

Therefore, later on, when the Twinnies were too busy arguing about getting a wrong bubble,  they waisted time in attempting to wait for 1 bubble far in the distant.

The roadblock was kind of unnecessary to be perfectly honest. Although being suspended 300 feet in the air doing 5 summersaults sounds awesome, there's no room for a team to mess up and for another one to gain some ground. So when a team got to the roadblock, it was pretty much just like getting to the end of the leg. I kind of hope for more in the future, but hey this was a great task for Margie to conquer that fear of heights without much stress!

In the end Natalie & Nadiya were the last team to check in and ultimately got the boot. There's still 10 teams left though, lets take a deeper look into each of them!

Jet & Cord
Previous Seasons: 16, 18
Leg 1 Placing: 1st

The cowboys are back. The cowboys are already dominating. And the cowboys have all the power. Jet & Cord whizzed through each task and rightfully earned themselves an express pass for themselves and an express pass to handout to someone else by the end of the 5th leg. With power comes responsibility, so we'll see how these 2 use it. They're the nice guys, so I can definitely see them helping out Mark & Mallory or Dave & Connor with the express pass, but not so much Jessica & John, Leo & Jamal and Team Youtube.

Previous Season: 20
Leg 1 Placing: 2nd

Floaters grab a passport, nobody gets between Rachel and her $1 million. Welp, I guess Rachel & Dave did in season 20, but now Brenchel's back for some revenge. The race started on Brendon's college campus. He's literally been going for his PhD for a solid 30 years at UCLA, but all these shows he's on just stretch it out even further. I'm okay with that though because I'm about the #TeamBrenchel life. I mean come on, this is Blog Big Brother, I gotta be a fan of a Big Brother team. Brendon and Rachel got a little lucky this leg, but if they keep up with their strong personalities, observations skills and Rachel keeps her emotions in check, they should be able to go far.

Dave & Connor
Previous Season: 22
Leg 1 Placing: 3rd

Dave and Connor removed themselves from the race in season 22, after Dave couldn't continue with his ruptured achilles. They placed first in two consecutive legs in their season and kicked off the this one in a similar fashion. We never got to see if they could go the distance in season 22, but now it's their chance to show us what they're made of!

Margie & Luke
Previous Seasons: 14, 18
Leg 1 Placing: 4th

I was never really a huge fan of Margie and Luke in their seasons. I felt that Luke was sort of a drama queen and it kind of turned me off from liking them as much as I could. BUT, I'm very excited to see them on the race again and how they are going to do things differently! I'm a fan when producers reach further back for all-stars seasons. We're not just seeing the most recent faces, but the faces that actually made an impact on the game! Both Margie & Luke are unique and have a lot of race experience, but dammit Margie, don't use age as an excuse! You're in shape, so put on a smile and tough it out because you certainly have it.

Leo & Jamal
Previous Season: 23
Leg 1 Placing: 5th

They've got the energy, endurance and personalities to make it far in the game. Dropping the Twinnies from you search for the the bridal store worked 100% in your favor and showed your a strong duo and don't need the assistance of another team to get by. Also, your pitstop check-in was pretty hilarious

Phil: You are Team #5
Jamal: And we're sexy!! YEAH!

Team Kentucky
Previous Seasons: 17, 18 (Mallory), 20 (Mark)
Leg 1 Placing: 6th

Mallory and Mark may just be my favorite team this season! I love Bopper, but having two teammates that don't even know each other's last names adds an interesting dynamic to an already crazy show. Both are genuine, down to earth people with a lot of spirit and a lot of personality. Lack of communication and commonalities may hinder their chances, but they both have a lot more pressure on their backs that could push them that extra step to a victory.

Flight Time & Big Easy
Previous Seasons: 15, 18
Leg 1 Placing: 7th

Cue the Globetrotting music. That's all I hear as I write this. Hopefully you can you hear it too? Just say yes so I can just keep thinking I'm sane! That'd be really swell. Alright, Flight Time & Big Easy have been a solid team in the past and I expect no difference from them this time around! They placed 2nd in Unfinished Business and I'm sure they're looking to improve just one spot more. They have coordination, they're athletic and they all around are a true all-star team!

John & Jessica
Previous Season: 22
Leg 1 Placing: 8th

No express pass for them this time around! But actually, maybe that's a good thing… They have a stronger relationship and have updated their facebook status from dating to engaged… I'm not actually friends with them, but I'm like 99.732% sure the facebook update happened, so we're rolling with it. They started off the race in the back of the pack, but nudged up a few spots and I seem them staying around the middle for a bit.

Jen & Caroline
Previous Season: 22
Leg 1 Placing: 9th

In your original season, you placed 10th on your first leg, but climbed up that Amazing Race hierarchy to a solid 4th place finish. If the whole find a dress shop struggle doesn't happen again, you should be fine. You guys have the looks, the talent and the smarts to go far!

Joey & Meghan
Previous Season: 22
Leg 1 placing: 10th

We really didn't get much out of Meghan this episode, but with 22 racers, an early boot and Phil doing Phil, some things just have to give. It's hard to judge how teams are doing on the race with limited amount of time we see and the lack of physically/mentally demanding tasks. Although you both are starting the next leg in the bottom, I see no real issue with it. Also, Joey has like over 1 million followers on Twitter. I'm just going to through that out there #celebrity

Natalie & Nadiya
Previous Season: 23
Leg 1 placing: ELIMINATED

Nooo! You guys are such great entertainment! 

From Natalie yelling at Nadiya to plug in the car charger to Nadiya yelling at Natalie to wait for the 12 bubble car, they made the this one show frustrating yet entertaining. They have sooo much energy and I'm really going to miss it, but their inability to find a bridal shop sent the Twinnies packing to the Amazing Race graveyard. Just within the 43 minutes of tv, we got some #ClassicTwinnie one-liners:

This is the Amazing Race. If you're not a hot mess you're not racing right.

I'd be at home and I'd be like bitch, you better not go nowhere without me.

I'm going to take one of these dresses and strangle myself.

Alright! WE MADE IT! Check out the current standing of our all-stars below. Yeah-yeah, wikipedia has the same thing, but this one has color, so wikipedia can just step aside.

As always, you can follow me on Twitter @ChubsMcGrubbs I tweet nonsense, so if you don't I'll try survive! It may be a struggle, but I'll try to push through.

What's next on Blog Big Brother? Welp, we have Survivor 28. That's what's next! Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty. It's going to be a good one! So hurry back here for your Survivor update... If you hurry too fast though, I might hit you. I have class at the worst of times, so it maybe give it a minute.

Until next time, eat a bunch, drink a bunch, and sleep a bunch. It's okay, you'll burn it all off watching and reading about the Amazing Race. It's like the transitive property of exercise. If we watch and read about people racing, then by the transitive property, we are doing the same. It's just a thing, don't question it.